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Unleashed Photography – About

Life is not measured by the breaths that we take, but
by the photo’s that take our breath away.

Hi! I’m Brendon Kelly. A Freelance Photographer.

My interest in photography was a love affair from the start. I tried my hand at Model Photography, Street Photography and Architecture Photography.

I then photographed the warm-ups for a Show Jumping event. I had never seen anything so amazing in my life. Beautiful, majestic and powerful horses, launching into the air over a jump as one with their rider. I found my passion in an instant. I knew I wanted to tell the story of the love between horse and rider through Photography. Unleashed Photography was born.
After a successful corporate career, and starting my own web development company, I was busy studying to become a Microsoft Certified Developer. As a little light relief from the intense studying, I thought I’d have some fun with smartphone photography.

I remember a photo I took during the day, of the moon against the blue sky, between two massive dead tree branches. It was an amazing photo, I felt a rush, and I was hooked! And yes, that was the end of pursuing a lifetime career as a computer programmer!

I’m currently living in Noordhoek, a real Equestrian paradise, with fantastic scenery.

I’m focusing on Horse and Rider Portrait Photography on Noordhoek Beach as it is one of the best locations in the world for a Horse and Rider Photoshoot.